Groupe de Contact FNRS "Calcul Intensif"

9th CÉCI Scientific Meeting, April 21st 2017, Université catholique de Louvain


13h30 Welcome.
           C. Geuzaine (ULg)

13h40 Opening session.
           P. Chatelain (UCL)

13h50 Introduction.
           T. Pardoen (Président iMMC, UCL)

14h00 Large-Eddy Simulation of turbulent reacting flows using massively parallel computers: challenges and perspectives.
           Vincent Moureau (CORIA, France)

14h50 Sysadmin presentation: The new CÉCI GPFS filesystem.
           D. François (UCL/CISM)

15h20 Coffee break*

15h50 Assembling polymorphic genomes: computational challenges and solutions.
           J.-F. Flot (EBE, ULB)

16h05 High-performance computing for ocean models and data analysis.
           A. Barth (GHER, ULg)

16h20 The use of HPC for Virtual plasma Coater.
           R. Tonneau (LARN, UNamur)

16h35 High Performance Computing for Large Eddy Simulation of turbulent flows.
           L. Bricteux (UMons)

16h50 Computing for particles physics and deep neural networks using GPUs.
           S. Brochet (CP3/UCL)

17h05 Drink*.

* Visits of the new UCL datacenter will be organised during the coffee break and the drink.


The CÉCI day is organised in Louvain-la-Neuve, in auditorium SUD01, Place Croix du Sud. If you come by train, you can follow these directions, while if you come by car, please park your car in the Baudouin "parking malin" and then follow these directions.


Registration is free but mandatory, before Tuesday, April 18th, through the following web form.