About the CÉCI

On Nov. 9th, 2010, the Rectors of the five French-speaking universities in Belgium

signed a Consortium Agreement [pdf - 7.5MB] that gave birth to the Consortium des Équipements de Calcul Intensif, or CÉCI (pronounce "say see"), as a means to share high-performance scientific computing facilities and resources, and mutualize know-how and expertise among the universities.

The CÉCI is supported by the F.R.S-FNRS and the Walloon Region.

The aim of the CÉCI is to give every researcher in the consortium access to computing clusters adapted to their needs. Some research requires raw computer power, other requires large memory, fast connections, or other specific equipment. One university alone cannot offer such a diversity in equipment to its researchers.

By sharing equipment and expertise among universities, the CÉCI enables researchers with the tools and support needed for data-based science and effectively reduces the time to publication.

The CÉCI also aims at providing researchers with high-level training, and expert advice in the field of supercomputing, building upon the experience gathered in each supercomputing centre of each university.

Current partners include Université catholique de Louvain / CISM, Université Libre de Bruxelles / SISC, Université de Namur / PTCI, Université de Mons / LPSI , CMN et INFO, and Université de Liège / SEGI

The members of the board are Christophe Geuzaine, Denis Baurain, David Colignon (ULiège), Benoît Champagne, Anne-Sophie Libert, Luc Henrard, Frédéric Wautelet (UNamur), Philippe Chatelain (Head of the Board), Gian-Marco Rignanese, Thomas Keutgen, Damien François (UCLouvain), Gianluca Bontempi, Pascal Vanlaer, Raphael Leplae (ULB), Roberto Lazzaronni, Laurent Bricteux, Claudio Quarti, Sébastien Kozlowskyj (UMons).

Contact information

Many people are involved in the CÉCI: Logisiticians, system administrators, and members of the Board. This page explains who to contact in which case so as to get to the right person directly.

If you have a problem creating an account:

First make sure you read the FAQ. If you feel the situation you face requires it, go to the Support page.

If you have a problem with a specific cluster,

or on several clusters, not answered in the FAQ or in the Documentation, go to the Support page and describe as precisely as possible your problem.

If you have a very precise question about Slurm ...

... that is not related to a specific cluster, and that is not answered in the Slurm tutorial, nor in the Slurm FAQ or in the official Slurm documentation, you can contact damien.francois@uclouvain.be.

If you want general (non-technical !) information about the CÉCI ...

... that is not available on this website, You can contact philippe.chatelain@uclouvain.be (Head of the CECI Board) or david.colignon@uliege.be.

If you would like to lobby the Board:

Find your representative in the list of board members on this page.

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