CECI clusters usage graphs

This page will be your access point to the graphs presenting the utilization of the CECI clusters. Once you have created a graph you like, you can simply bookmark it with your browser to review it later.

Note that to access the pages, you will need your CECI certificate, the same one you use to validate users.

CPU usage over time

Timeline graphs of the cpu usage, colored and/or filtered per cluster or per user/group/university, with day by day or month by month granularity, for all the period of for a specific month or year.

Continuous time line, for fine granularity. Examples:
  • Colored per cluster, day by day.
  • Colored per cluster for 2013 for UNamur users, or for UMons users. Those graphs are also interesting in 'Expanded mode'.
  • Colored per university, day by day. Also interesting as 'Stream' graph.
Discrete time line, for coarse granularity.
Superimposed graphs, for easy comparison and navigation. Examples: You can zoom and pan using the bottom part of the graph.

CPU usage, or number of jobs per category

Bar graphs are used to display the distribution of a quantity over distinct categories, e.g. the cpu time by cluster, of the number of jobs per number of requested cpus.

Fits most types of data Better for 'top-n' type graphs

Pie charts

Pie charts (a.k.a. 'sunburst' charts) show the distribution of a quantity among several categories, e.g. the cpu time by university/group/user.

Ideal for multi-level partition of the data

Raw data

If you do not like the colors, this is for you.

  • Evolution over time of consumption by universities
  • Evolution over time of consumption by cluster