Groupe de Contact FNRS "Calcul Intensif"

8th CÉCI Scientific Meeting, April 22nd 2016, Université de Liège


13h30 Welcome and introduction.
           C. Geuzaine (ULg).

13h40 Keynote speech:
           Machine Learning with Big Data Technologies: Examples of Population Genetics Interactive Analytics at Scale.
           X. Tordoir, Data Fellas.

14h25 The Chapel Parallel Programming Language:
           Overview and Application to the Implementation of a Basic Computational Chemistry Program.
           O. Louant, Laboratoire de Chimie Théorique, UNamur.

14h40 Sea Ice Simulations Using Both Prescribed-Atmosphere and Fully Coupled.
           O. Lecomte, ELIC - Earth & Climate, UCL.

14h55 Relative Role of Convective and Diffusive Mixing in Buoyancy-Driven Instabilities in Porous Media.
           S. Gopalakrishnan, Physique des Systèmes Dynamiques, ULB.

15h10 Quantum-Mechanical Simulations of Hybrid Materials for Solar Cell Applications:
           Electronic Structure, Surface Effects and Inherent Disorder.
           C. Quarti, Service de Chimie des Matériaux Nouveaux, UMons.

15h25 Cofee break

16h00 First principles Simulation of Thermoelectrical Transport.
           M. Verstraete, Physique des Matériaux et Nanostructures, ULg.

16h15 Automatic Configuration of Algorithms for the Multi-Trip Vehicle Routing Problem.
           V. François, Centre for Quantitative methods and Operations Management, HEC-ULg.

16h30 Numerical Simulations of Complex Failure Processes.
           L. Noels, Computational & Multiscale Mechanics of Materials, ULg.

16h45 HTC Bayesian Phylogenomics on the Zenobe Tier-1 supercomputer.
           D. Baurain, Eukaryotic Phylogenomics, ULg.

17h00 Drink.


Room R3, Montefiore Institute (Building B28 - Carpark P32) Allée de la découverte 10, Sart Tilman Access


Registration is free but mandatory, before April 14th, by email to David Colignon