Groupe de Contact FNRS "Calcul Intensif"

7th CÉCI Scientific Meeting, April 24th 2015, Université de Mons

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13h00: Welcome.

13h30: Keynote speech: Multiscale modelling of nanoscale materials and electronic transport.
           Wolfgang WENZEL, Karlsruhe Institute of Technology.

14h10: Charge transport in pi-conjugated polymers: a combined classical-quantum approach to establish structure-property relationships.
           Vincent LEMAUR, UMons.

14h30: Mathematics beyond paper and pencil. A personal view.
           Timoteo CARLETTI, UNamur.

14h50: A massively parallel Navier-Stokes solver on Tier-0 supercomputers.
           Samir SID, ULg.

15h10: Cofee break

15h40: Massively parallel simulations of vortical flows: from academia to industry-oriented problems.
           Philippe CHATELAIN, UCL.

16h00: Gyro-kinetic analysis of micro-turbulence in fusion tokamaks.
           Sara MORADI, ULB.

16h20: Using asynchronous MPI and task stealing to enhance HPC performance of a distributed railway system simulator.
           Nilo COUTINHO MENEZES, UMons.

16h40: Introducing Zenobe, the Tier-1 facility at Cenaero.
           Serge BOGAERTS, Cenaero.

17h10: Drink


Salle Marie Curie, Grands Auditoires (9), Campus Plaine de Nimy (Campus des Sciences et de la Médecine), Avenue Maistriau, Mons.


Registration is free but mandatory, before April 10th, by email to