CÉCI HPC Training

The CÉCI presents, each year during Fall, a full-fledge offer in training sessions for researchers using, or willing to use, the CÉCI clusters. The training sessions are delivered remotely by videoconference and organised in collaboration with the CISM, SMCS, ELIC, INMA, CP3, NAPS, PTCI (UNamur), ACE (ULiège) and SISC (ULB). The whole offer goes from baby steps into the Linux world to parallel MPI programming and GPU computing. The sessions are readily cluster-oriented, so knowledge of a programming language or of a scientific computing software is assumed. Training session are delivered in English.

The next sessions will be in organised in October and November 2020.



Topics cover range from the basics of Linux to parallel programming on clusters and GPUs. The full list of sessions organised this year is available on the Indico event management system.



The sessions are traditionally organised during October and November. The precise schedule is available in the Indico event management system of the CISM. The little calendar tool allows exporting an iCal event for all sessions, or subscribing to the calendar.


The sessions are organised exclusively by teleconference. The links to the events are announced by email to the registered participants.

Certificate of participation

All participants will receive a certificate of participation if they request it from the Indico website by responding to the 'Certificate' survey for each session. That survey is open only during the session.

The certificates of participation will be sent in early December.


Registration is free but mandatory. The attendance is limited to 60 participants to be able to cope with Q&A. If you register but are unable to attend, you are required to unregister as soon as possible .

Beware that sessions that are marked as mandatory must be attended ; all the material covered in those sessions is a requirement for all the subsequent sessions. For instance, after the session about SSH, we will assume all participants are able to connect to the cluster without assistance. Notions such as SSH agent and SSH proxy must be mastered by the participants. Please pay attention to the requirements of the sessions you register to.

You can direct all your questions to egs-cism@listes.uclouvain.be. Be sure to include '[Training]' in the subject of your email for faster processing.

Important note: Please create your CÉCI account before attending the session.

The first step is to create an account in the Indico event management system. To do so, please go to https://indico.cism.ucl.ac.be.

Click 'Login'

Click 'create one here'

Enter your email address (preferably your institutional email rather than a generic @gmail address and click on the link you receive by email to complete the registration procedure.

Important: Please create your account with the same login you have with your CÉCI account.

Once you are logged in, choose 'HPC traning sessions > 2018', or click on this link to see the list of training sessions. Make sure to unfold the view if the page says 'There are 11 events in the future. Show' to view the whole list of sessions.

Click on each session, review them, and decide the one which you want to attend. Please note that the first session 'Introduction to HPC' is mandatory, and the ' Introduction to Linux and the command line' and 'Connecting with SSH: Introduction and advanced topics' are mandatory unless you are very confident with those topics. They are prerequisite for the subsequent sessions, and no help will be available with respect to those topics afterwards.

Once you click 'Regsiter', you will see the following screen:

The upper part of the form will be pre-filled with your account data. The number of places left is indicated next to each option.

If the option you choose is not available, please try again later in the hope someone unregisters and leaves a place vacant.

Once you click on 'Register', you get an email with a summary of the data you entered, and a link to manage your registration to that event. Make sure to save the session in your calendar. You can do so easily by clicking on the calendar icon in the top part of the page.

You can have a summary of your registration by consulting your dashboard.


Should you finally decide not to attend the session, please do unregister by following that link, clicking on 'Modify'

and choose option 'I will finally not attend this session'. This will free a seat for someone else.